Multi Apartment Video Door Phone

Video door phone or door phone is a two way communication system which can be interacted with outdoor and indoor station. The device is connected to a authenticate communication system used to control the opening of the door giving access to any kind of buildings.

Equipments: Electronic Lock, Micro Phone, Ear piece and more. This system will reduce the unauthorized entrance at your door steps. Which means you can communicate with the visitor with audio and video. Once you authorized the visitor then you can access them IN else you need not to open the electric lock by triggering the switch at the indoor station.

The system comes with single access and multi-access system. Which mean single access system can be used at individual building setup and multi access system can be used for apartment

Ever wondered how those big buildings set up their security for so many houses? It’s definitely not an easy task. A Shivaay security systems makes it simpler by using highly advanced, multi-purpose, multi-apartment video door phone technology. This helps in identifying visitors before they are allowed to enter the building. This ensures security at the building entrance, as well as outside the flat.

Best Multi Apartment Video Door Phone Installation Services are available at Shivaay Security Solutions Faridabad. Call us for your queries and installation services for Multi Apartment Video Door Phone .

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